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22 Jun 2017

Lawn Mowing Tips


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Posted By Antoine L.

Regular grass cutting is one of the easiest ways to keep your lawn looking its best. Regular mowing keeps grass healthy and prevents weeds from having a chance to grow.

How Much to Cut
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is cutting their grass too short. Letting the grass stay a bit high allows the grass develop a deep root system and prevent weeds from invading. Cutting grass too low can also make it more susceptible to drought and insects. The rule of thumb is to cut no more than a third of the grass each time you cut. Set your mower to cut the grass at 3 inches high.

How Often to Cut
Cut your grass once it reaches 4.5 inches. Some grasses grow at faster rates than others. Use this chart as a guide:

Common Bermudagrass, Hybrid Bermudagrass: 3-7 Days

Kentucky Bluegrass, St. Augustine Grass, Texas Bluegrass (Reville), Zoysia Matrella (Fine bladed Zoysia): 5-7 Days

Zoysia Japonica or Coarse-Bladed Zoysia: 7-10 Days

Buffalograss, Centipedegrass, Tall Fescue: 7-14 Days

Mowing Tips:

* Only mow dry grass
* Cut the grass in a different direction each time you mow. Changing directions makes an even cut..
* Maintain your lawn mower for efficient mowing. Sharpen blades and change the oil as necessary.

Mowing Safety
Mowing is a dangerous activity. Ensure the safety of yourself and your family by following some of these important safety tips:

* Keep children and pets out of the yard while mowing.
* Remove sticks and debris from the lawn before mowing.
* Clothes: Wear sturdy and closed toe shoes with non-slip soles. Wear eye protection.
* Read the operating manual for your mower and understand the safety features.
* Do not cut the lawn in the rain or when there is lightening.
* Never allow young children to ride a mower alone.
* Be smart and use common sense when mowing.


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